IV hangover therapy helps prevent or alleviate hangovers and is administered in our Cleveland location.

For as long as there have been libations and alcohol-fueled celebrations, traditions and partying, there have been the dreaded morning-after hangovers to remind drinkers of the Night Before and their diminished self-control or over-indulgence. It’s almost like a Yin-Yang pay-back for the good times that alcohol brings, that hang-overs are the aftermath of a fun night spent out on the town. Dehydration, fuzzy vision, splitting headaches, nausea and more – hangovers are the gift that keeps on giving after a fun night of imbibing and no one enjoys them one bit!

The pursuit of hangover remedies is as storied and long as the history of alcohol consumption itself – pickled sheep eyeballs, roasted pig lungs, crushed human skull, and of course the famed “hair of the dog” (an expression and remedy made famous by the ancient Greek author Antiphanes. referring to the homeopathic tradition of consuming alcohol to treat alcoholic hangovers) – and these cures and many more are discussed in a fascinating book covering the history of the quest for a cure for hangovers.

Researched and written by Canadian author Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, Hung Over: The Morning After and One Man’s Quest for the Cure, is a fascinating tour of the folklore, old wives’ tales, fables, family remedies, early medicine, and even mass-accepted beliefs from bygone eras regarding the treatment of hangovers. From orange popsicles, prune juice or frankincense capsules to listening to pan pipes, getting a massage or consuming kudzu-root pills, Bishop-Stall explores the sometimes hysterical history as well as the science behind the cause of and the treatment for hangovers. It’s a fascinating read and one well worth the weight of an iron caldron – being slow-boiled in an iron caldron being one of the more-severe treatment discussed in the book!

Fortunately for residents of northeast Ohio living in the 21st century, none of these severe, questionable or traumatizing hangover remedies need to be sampled. IV Restoration of Cleveland offers a fantastic, relaxing and refreshing hangover-relief remedy in the form of our IV hangover therapy. Featuring a nutrient-rich formula of amino acids and B-complex vitamins in saline solution for hydration, as well as add-on ingredients to battle nausea and more, our hangover IV therapy works best as a proactive preemptive – taken before your night of celebrating to mitigate the negative consequences of the morning-after. You can also drop into our spa-like setting after your night-out in order to treat that splitting headache and body-sick lethargy. Either solution beats the suffering that your body experiences during a hangover!

Interested in trying our IV hangover therapy for yourself? The truth is in the experience! Learn more about our hangover relief treatment on this page. Schedule and book your therapy session here in order to ensure your space is reserved and waiting. Please check-out our helpful FAQ page for answers to many commonly asked questions about our IV and IM therapies. Lastly, if you have specific questions or wish to discuss your individual needs, you can contact us here to get a conversation started.

Read more about Hungover: The Morning After and One Man’s Quest for the Cure by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall. Listen to an interview snippet with Mr. Bishop-Stall and more commentary on the book from NPR here.








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