IV therapy in Cleveland is no coincidence with the prominent influence of the Cleveland Clinic in NEO! IV therapy Cleveland from IV Restoration helps with fitness, longevity, immunity and more!

As IV therapy providers in the Cleveland, Ohio area, we stand in awe at the accomplishments within the Healthcare field that the NEO region has helped to deliver. A World-class reputation is ours in Cleveland thanks largely to the Cleveland Clinic and its many pioneering physicians, medical specialists and dedicated nurses.

Medicine has progressed immensely over the past century, and the Cleveland area is one of the locales that generates or attracts leaders who are exploring frontiers in the Healthcare industry. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, Cleveland had established itself as a major medical zone for specialty care. Thanks to the Cleveland Clinic, the city is home to the world’s first integrated international health system – one that medical professionals from all over the globe travel to in order to work towards advancements in healthcare.

The Cleveland Clinic

As it celebrates 100 years of breakthrough medical techniques, education and research, The Cleveland Clinic continues to act as a staple and bastion of medical expertise for Ohio and the United States as a nation – as well as garnering much international attention as well. Originally established as a multi-specialty practice group in 1921, the Cleveland Clinic now has more than 65,000 caregivers worldwide and 6 million patients per year!

According to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History from Case Western Reserve University, The Cleveland Clinic was formalized in 1997 and has since become Cleveland’s largest employer and the third-largest employer in Ohio, with 33,000 employees. The Cleveland Clinic is known for practicing traditional as well as leading-edge forms of medicine such as cardiac and generalized patient care, but Cleveland patients, residents and athletes looking for a luxury health treatment can also find it right here in NEO right alongside the Clinic – in the form of intravenous therapy (IV therapy) for various results.

IV Therapy in Cleveland

Cleveland’s developments in medical care and medical science are notable and impressive, but its ability to tap into the zeitgeist of current health & medical trends is worth mentioning too. In the last five years, intravenous therapy has become a major health trend in numerous countries, with the United States topping the global leader-board for IV vitamin therapy largely due to our celebrity-focused culture and promotions of IV-based vitamin therapy therein. Intravenous therapy wasn’t even fully developed until the late 20th century and yet here we are, just a fifth of the way through the 21st century, and Clevelanders are already experiencing this reparative and proactive therapy through several private spa-vendors such as IV Restoration as well as via hospital systems too.

IV therapy has only moved into Cleveland within the last decade, yet it’s already leaving its health-empowering mark on the city. IV therapy is the most efficient way to give your body vitamins, nutrients and ingredients needed to perform at its best. It is the administration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients designed to deliver potent results, and each treatment is personally focused on your specific health and wellness needs. Affordably too, we might add.

IV Restoration offers wellness sessions via our IV drip therapies and IM injections to members of the greater Cleveland community. We want to help people maximize their health and opportunities. Whether you are looking for wellness, energy, recovery, or increased physical performance, nothing compares to the immediate results that our IM & IV therapies provide! 

IV Restoration currently offers 6+ different IV therapy treatments as well as multiple IM therapy injections and add-ons including:

IV therapy in Cleveland and our surrounding vicinity comes to you via IV Restoration. Help your body achieve healthier outcomes in our comfortable spa environment! For more information, please view our FAQ page for answers to many questions on our easy IV therapies. Book an appointment conveniently here. Please contact us with any special questions or requests you may have. Thanks for reading!


Our mission is to bring wellness to the greater Cleveland community. We offer new and simple IV therapy treatments to boost immunity, provide hangover relief, deliver IV hydration and much more to people searching to optimize their lives. Why not help your body achieve your hopes and dreams? From amino acids IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery to Vitamin C and NAD+ IV therapy for immune system boosts and increased energy and vitality, IV therapy in Cleveland is here to deliver refreshing and relaxing drip infusions and IM shots in a spa-like environment you’ll enjoy time and time again. Come on in!

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