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IV Restoration believes in offering wellness opportunities to the greater Cleveland community. We want to help people maximize their lives and their free time. Whether you are looking for wellness, energy, recovery, or performance, nothing compares to the immediate results that our IM and IV therapies provide

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Deficiencies in vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, and other body-building blocks known as micronutrients, can have crippling effects on your mind and body. Low levels of micronutrients result in decreased physical and mental ability, fatigue and inferior performance. These deficits also exacerbate the symptoms of physiological and mental health disorders. Research supports that one of the best strategies for eliminating these deficiencies is to supplement them through IV therapy.  

Demand for IV therapy in wellness and performance communities is growing every year as people look to for mental clarity, boosted immune systems, and comprehensive wellness. IV Restoration is here to help meet those needs. 

Meet Our Nurses

Nora Finnegan

Family Nurse Practitioner Nora Finnegan leads our medical staff with 39 years of healthcare experience. She provides training and leadership to all our nurses to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients. You can rest assured that you will always have an educated and professional experience at IV Restoration. 

Nora Finnegan

Kelly L.

Kelly is currently studying at Kent State to be a nurse practitioner. She is excited to bring her six years of experience as an RN at the Cleveland Clinic to IV Restoration to help our patients achieve their wellness plan. Let Kelly help you find peak wellness.

Amy D.

Amy is an avid fitness advocate and just finished hiking over 1,500 miles of the Pacific Coast Trail. She brings with her 6 years of experience as an RN at University Hospitals, where she practiced compassionate care in the emergency room, ICU, and rehabilitation. Let Amy help you put your best foot forward at IV Restoration. 

Amy Drapac RN

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Our mission is to bring wellness to the greater Cleveland community. We offer new and simple IV therapy treatments to boost immunity, provide hangover relief, deliver IV hydration and much more to people searching to optimize their lives. Why not help your body achieve your hopes and dreams? From amino acids IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery to Vitamin C and NAD+ IV therapy for immune system boosts and increased energy and vitality, IV therapy in Cleveland is here to deliver refreshing and relaxing drip infusions and IM shots in a spa-like environment you’ll enjoy time and time again. Come on in!

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