Hangover IV Therapy Testimonial- A Journalist’s Investigation

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Hangovers Can Now Be Obsolete with Hangover IV Therapy

How many times have you woken up sick, tired, listless and dreading the day to come after a fun night out with friends or family? Does it feel as if the rest of your weekend will be wasted? Let hangovers be a thing of the past with IV Restoration! Our Hangover IV Therapy will have you back on track before you walk out the door. We are conveniently open 9 AM – 1 PM even on weekends to serve your needs after a night of alcohol consumption that got out of hand or was just too much.

Why wait until the morning after to save yourself from the pain and discomfort that hangovers bring to your party? Hangover IV therapy is just effective if used before a planned wedding, vacation, or night out as well. You plan for other anticipated consequences, why not plan for your hangover and nip it in the bud before it even gets started?

Testimonial on the Efficacy of Hangover IV Therapy

An excerpt of a journalist’s own description of her IV Hangover therapy experience starts below. Read it and then follow the link to get the complete story. Reading is believing when it comes to IV therapy!

“I admit, I was a total skeptic going into this process. Only time, rest and blue Gatorade (because blue Gatorade has magical powers) had ever managed to cure my hangovers in the past. But for me, the proof was in the intravenous pudding. ‘It’s one of those things that you have to try it to believe it,’ said Dr. Nagula. ‘But once you try it, and feel the benefits for yourself, you’re hooked’

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Do you like what you’ve read here? Your next step is to try an IV therapy session for yourself. IV Restoration offers hangover IV therapy in Cleveland and surrounding vicinities in a comfortable environment. Please see all the IV therapy and IM therapy options available to you and then schedule a session easily online. Our prices are great too and membership makes them even lower!





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